Starting a TM Youth Leadership Program (YLP)

10 Easy Steps

Step 1:

Convince your TM club to be your sponsoring club.  Talk to the officers at your club regarding this, and maybe give a speech to your club on this.  The sponsoring club should pay for the YLP kits needed to run this program. The Coordinator is the “person in charge” of the YLP.  Have some assistants!

The Youth Leadership Program is FREE to Participants. YLP is a TM community program.

Step 2:

Choose a day and time that will work for you, as well as the age range for your YLP group.

Step 3:

Find a venue.

Step 4:

Set a start date.

Step 5:

Order YLP kits from TMI website.

Step 6:

Find qualified Toastmasters to run / help run some of the sessions of the YLP.

Step 7:

Advertise. Emails to homeschool groups, Starburst, D2 website, Flyers at libraries, schools, etc.

Step 8:

Select 10 – 15 participants, but no more than 20 for the YLP. Ask them to commit to 8 consecutive weeks of the YLP.

Step 9:

Inform the D2 Youth Program Coordinator, Samia Reed, know your start date, location & time, and the names of the coordinator(s) and assistants. (Samia is to keep record of all YLPs in D2. She can also help with advertising.)

Step 10:

Start the YLP program. Follow the Coordinator’s guide. But you are not required to do everything in the guide. You get to pick and choose!

Session 8 is a special event.  You should make this your Demo-meeting for a new gavel club.

What happens after the 8 wks?

Start a Gavel club (This is a TM club for kids under 18, run just like aTM club using CCs and CLs.)

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